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Commercial real estate for Rent Milan - Commercial property in Milan

Type: Commercial real estate

Destination: Commercial

Energy Cl.: D - IPE 42,6 kWh/m3

Smq.: 726

Rooms: 20

Bedrooms: 0

Bathrooms: 4


Fee: Reserved

Commercial property for rent in Milan: gross area: 969 sqm, useful area: 726 sqm. Urban outlook Location of the area: The building is located in an area nearby the city centre of Milan. Over the past few years, the area has undergone many urban restoration works with new business developments for the community, including the architecture and fashion sector. The area is serviced by the subway line M3 and tramline that connects the area to the city centre. Regulatory outlook The building is located in an area classified in the Town General Plan as a uniform class B3 zone with functional use l/R (Industrial and Residential Zone), while the Territorial Zoning Plan identifies the area in the so-called “Consolidated Urban Fabric" (TUC) with specific classification of “Recent Construction Urban Fabric”. Description of the building The building has three floors, a ground floor, first and the loft. The useful surface for the ground floor and first floor total about 330 m2 each. The building underwent several works over time and a considerable surface in the loft was granted conditional amnesty. The structure of the building consists of a reinforced concrete framing with several bearing masonry elements. The pitched roof is made of concrete with roof tiles. The building has two internal stairs located on the top of the long sides of the building structure. The first one is located on the west side of the building. A spiral staircase made of reinforced concrete with a ramp width of 120 cm, tread size calculated at 40 cm from the stairwell, equals to 28 cm and guardrail height of 90 cm. The second staircase has straight ramps with folding steps, a variable width between 84 and 105 and leads to the loft. Ground floor: This area is quite large and has wide arch glass windows (about 10m2) on the two longitudinal walls. On the west side, the windows are separated by walls, while on the opposite side, there are four stone columns slightly set back with respect to the external edge and allows for long glass windows. There are five columns in this area (0.40 x 0.40 m) located in symmetry along the longitudinal axis. There are several rectangular areas for utility rooms located on the north side nearby the rectangular stairs. The useful height of the floor is 3.40 metres and the underbeam height equals to 3.2 metres. First floor: The first floor has a large central area without intermediate columns, includes windows on the west side, as well as windows and French windows on the east side which lead to a balcony, with a length of 19 metres by 0.80 metres. The bathrooms are located nearby the rectangular stairs on the north-west side while the kitchen is located on the north-east side. There is also an office area on the south side of the building. The floor’s height is approximately 3.15 metres (most part of the building has a false ceiling) and the underbeam has a variable height with starting from 2.65 metres. The floor is made of clay/cement mix. Loft: The loft's height varies; about 2.99 metres at the centre, 0.6 metres on the west side and 0.22 metres on the east side. The loft consists of a large central space and there is a toilet and shower, as well as an attic. Several lateral areas are bounded by partitions that delimit the area granted under conditional amnesty. The floor is made in part of clay/cement mix and in part with iron beams IPE and heavy thick boards. The roof is made of reinforced concrete and is supported by beams perpendicular to the length without windows used for lighting. Surface area of the building Based on the floor plans prepared according to the architectural survey, the following details are provided below: Ground floor Gross surface area 377 m2 Useful area 304 m2 First floor Gross surface area 337 m2 Useful area 292 m2 Loft Gross surface area 215 m2 Useful area 130 m2 TOTAL GROSS AREA 969 m2 TOTAL USEFUL AREA 726 m2 The loft areas have an average height of 2.40 meters and can be used for other purposes if equipped with a forced ventilation system.
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